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Translations of the Dao De Jing

There are over 300 translations of the Dao De Jing which have been published in many different languages. It has been translated more than any other book in the world except for the Bible. There are countless other translations and commentaries written by individuals which have never been published, and some of those are available on the internet.

I've included links below to some of the translations and commentaries available on the internet., as well as other information on the text.

100 + Translations of Chapter 1
It's fascinating to read through these various translations of Chapter 1 of the Dao De Jing. Some authors got very creative with their translations, and others seemed to stick closer to previously accepted readings of it.

Terebess Asia Online
Over 30 translations, including some well-known authors and some new ones.

By: Douglas Allchin
"Tao Te Ching: Classics of Integrity and the Way" - A rendition by Douglas Allchin including photographs for each chapter.

By: Tony Barnstone and Chou Ping
"Laozi (Lao Tzu)" - Commentaries on the Dao De Jing by Tony Barnstone and Chou Ping, including translations of some chapters.

By: Sanderson Beck
"Way and Power Book" - By Sanderson Beck, as included in the Wisdom Bible.

The Laotzu by Witter Bynner
Witter Bynner titles his interpretation of the Dao De Jing "The Way of Life." Bynner didn't translate the DDJ from Chinese, but used various other English translations to create a text he believes is easier for the Western mind to comprehend.

By: Nina Correa
A work in progress, my own translations and commentaries on the Dao De Jing with photographs.

By: Wulf Dieterich
"Laozi Daodejing" - English and German translations featuring Chinese text as GIFs. Each character is linked to a dictionary and includes Seal Script characters.

By: Darkchilde
"Welcome to the Tao Te Ching" - A work in progress by Darkchilde, including commentaries on various English translations.

By: Bradford Hatcher
This "Hermetica" web site is an archive of texts translated by Bradford Hatcher.

By: Anthony Judge
"Tao Te Ching Interpreted Succinctly" - Based on a translation by Ursula Le Guin, Anthony Judge presents one-line synopses for each chapter. Site also contains extensive commentaries.

By: Tormod Kinnes
"Dao De Jing - Tao Te Ching" - Interpolation by Tormod Kinnes, based on the English versions of Lin Yutang, Arthur Waley and Wing-tsit Chan.

By: A. S. Kline
"Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching" - Translation by A. S. Kline.

By: David Lindauer
"Tao Te Ching - Tattered Tree Trunk" - Translation by David Lindauer.

By: James Legge
"Tao Te Ching: Classics of Integrity and the Way" - James Legge's classic version.

By: Steven Mitchell
"Tao Te Ching" - Transliteration by Steven Mitchell.

By: Alan Sheets and Barbara Tovey
"New Equations Tao Te Ching" - By Alan Sheets and Barbara Tovey, who have grouped the chapters into nine personality types.

By: Dr. Edwin Sha
"Tao Te Ching" - Translation with some commentary by Dr. Edwin Sha from the perspective of a Buddhist.

By: John Louis Albert Trottier
"The Way of the Universe" - Translated by John Louis Albert Trottier.

The Guodian Laozi by: Jacques B.
A translation of the Guodian Laozi in Danish and English.

Laozi - Daode Jing by Hilmar Klaus
Hilmar Klaus provides translations of the Dao De Jing in German and English. He also includes the Chinese characters for the Guodian, Mawangdui and Wang Bi versions as well as the PinYin spellings.

If you have your own translation on a web site, or if you want to include a link to your favorite translation of the Dao De Jing, please email me the URL and I'll consider it's addition to this page.

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